2024 Radar Joel Poland Robot Graviton Trick Ski

While we previously believed Joel Poland to be an alien due to his freakish ability, we have since learned his identity to be a robot. His talent level is simply too high to be from any planet in this galaxy. We recently discovered his robot core when he skinned his knee and sparks flew off the ground and oil was leaked onto the pavement. The light bulb went off and we realized how he was able to constantly invent new tricks and train at such an amazing pace. Joel is truly unique, and we are stoked to welcome the future of AI with open arms, use your power for good, Polish.

In trick skiing, speed is the name of the game. We’ve worked hard to create a ski that moves from trick to trick faster than anything else on the market. The Graviton has one clean radius allowing the ski to carve smoother and roll on edge faster, making the ski drive faster to the next trick. The rocker profile, with a smaller flat spot, gives the ski the ability to spin effortlessly on toe tricks and gives it a cleaner water flow out the tip and tail for smoother loadings. Combining this with the CorFlex, GNR rails and concave in the tip and tail allows the ski to flex in the correct areas and makes the rope rock tight on landings to move to the next trick faster.

Collections: All Products, Trick, Trick Skis

Type: Trick Skis

Vendor: Radar



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