Tri-Lakes June Record Roundup!

Tri-Lakes in Zachary, LA hosted a 3-Event Record tournament this weekend with skiers from all divisions and many countries. Skiers, both Professional and Amateur, took to the water in the Slalom, Tricks and Jump Events. Many Personal Best scores were made in all events as the 2017 Master Craft Prostar towed Slalom scores into 41’off and Jumps over 200ft! 

Leading the way in the Jump event, Austrian skier and former ULM Warhawk, Claudio Kostenberger made a play for the top spot with a 214’ leap. Winter Gardern, FL native and current ULM Warhawk Taylor Garcia, also jumped 214’ but was narrowly beaten in metric. Bennetts own Steve Critchley and Ragin Cajun Alumni, recovering from a fractured spine, jumped into the 3rd spot in the Open Men taking it easy at 33mph 5ft6’’ and leaping a cool 197ft!

 The Slalom event also proved full of action in many divisions. Leading the way from England was Freddie Winter, with a score of 4.5@41’off. Swiss Slalomer, Benny Stadlbauer also made it into 41’off, with a score of half, as did MM skier Chad Scott with 1@41off.

Tricks were lead by Luke Outram from Great Britain, with 7740 and Arkansas’ Sam Greenwood, 5960. Belgium’s Kate Adriaensen posted 7520 and Belarusian Warhawk Sasha Daniesheuskaya closely behind with 7200.

The Bennetts team at Tri Lakes would like to thank all the staff and officials involved in putting on the Record Event over the weekend, and to all of the skiers involved for their great performances that make holding these such events such a success.

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