Matteo Luzzeri

Matteo is a 29 year old slalom skier originally from Bergamo, Italy. He currently lives in Tallahassee, FL, where he is pursuing a Ph.D in Sport Psychology at Florida State University and training for slalom tournaments around the world. Before landing in the Florida Panhandle, Matteo spent 7 years in Lafayette, Louisiana, where he won the 2010 Collegiate Team Nationals with the Ragin’ Cajuns. Matteo often skis at Bennett’s and considers Jay as a mentor and coach. He spent countless hours refining his aggressive and powerful slalom technique on our legendary Lake 2, and even though he now lives a few hours away, he still tries to make it out here and take a shot at 41off.

Among Matteo’s career accomplishments are U14 and U21 European titles, three podiums and several finals at Pro Tour events, and a Personal Best of 3 buoys at 41off. Whenever he has some free time, he enjoys writing articles for Water Ski Magazine and BallOfSpray, merging his two passions for water skiing and sport psychology.

As he continues his practicum to become a certified Sport Psychology Consultant from the American Association of Sport Psychology, his research efforts have been geared towards evaluation of effectiveness of sport psychology interventions. He has presented at Regional conferences and will present at National and International conferences during 2017.

Matteo is also a tournament organizer, taking charge of many internationally-recognized events at his home site in San Gervasio, Italy. Among these, the 2010 Junior World Championships, three editions of the San Gervasio Pro Am, and many other RC events.

Matteo is sponsored by HO Skis, Fluid Motion Sports, Bennett’s 3 Event Store and AquaFlyer Wetsuits.